Organisers are '100% certain' that Leeds will go ahead

Organisers are '100% certain' that Leeds will go ahead

21 June 2002

Melvin Benn, Managing Director of Mean Fiddler told the NME, "I've never failed to put a festival on in the past. I don't intend to start this year. If they have tickets, hold on to them, if they want to buy tickets, buy them. I'm 100% certain that the Leeds festival will take place this year. It's a great bill and a fantastic weekend. As ever the young people of Great Britain are having to stand up and prove themselves against adversity."

He explained the workings of the appeal process, "Where we currently stand is that the appeal hasn't been lodged. The reason the appeal hasn't been lodged is because the appeal has to be very specific about what we are appealing. In order for us to be specific in what we are appealing, Leeds City Council need to be very specific about why it was refused. At the moment we haven't got that. As soon as we have, which will be today or tomorrow, we'll lodge the appeal accordingly. We'll have the appeal lodged by Friday lunchtime, certainly."

From there, a date will be set for the hearing at the Magistrates Court, asking different groups such as the police and fire brigade to speak on their behalf. He remains confident that the licence appeal will be successful.

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