Ssssh! Glasto license looking good


United Kingdom United Kingdom | 07 January 2005

The full license hearing will take place on Monday, 17 January, and many believe the issue of noise will be a deciding factor as to whether or not Mendip District Council give the festival the all clear.

Speaking at a public meeting, designed to give residents a voice in the decision, Benn outlined his plans to prevent a repeat of last year's violations in noise control, such as sound systems continuing into the early hours.

He said there would be specific times when entertainment started and finished and that stages, tents, stalls, and other areas (such as Lost Vagueness), would all be put into distinct categories to avoid confusion.

Noise stewards would patrol the fence near to Pilton village to monitor the sound and report back to the head office.

Bar Solar, which was a source of noise pollution, has been scrapped and all backstage sound systems will now be monitored. Lost Vagueness will remain 24-hour but will also be under noise controls following consultation with nearby residents.

The Glade stage will move to a new dance arena (where the New Bands tent was last year), alongside a main dance tent and some smaller ones. The wooded area where the Glade stage used to be will become a late night ambient area.   

As usual, the main entertainment will start at 10am and go on until 12.30am on Friday and Saturday, and then until midnight on Sunday. Included is a period from 1pm until 12.30am on Thursday, when only the Radio 1 stage will be operating.

The Radio 1 and Glade stages will close at 12.30am Friday and Saturday, and midnight on Sunday. All bars and the markets are also noise-restricted to these times, and Leftfield will go ambient from after those times.

That's the plan anyway! The full license hearing is due to take place on 17th January. Keep posted to Virtual Festivals for the decision. 


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