Glastonbury fans petition to get football screened

Glastonbury fans petition to get football screened

21 June 2002

Festival organisers argue that Glastonbury is about music and arts and not about football, although they have stated that they would have re-considered showing the final if England had been in it.

Many of the signatories on the petition (which can be found here) claim that a mass exodus of over 100,000 people would ensue on the Sunday if the match was not shown. Few have commented on the fact that the possibility of Rod Stewart cancelling his appearance on the same day, would entice them to remain on-site! Old Rodders, a big footy fan himself, has been forced to cancel recent live performances due to on-going throat problems.
Incredibly, the debate has even reached Parliament! Bob Russell MP, Liberal Democrat Football Spokesman, jumped on the bandwagon and told the BBC, with quite some wit, "Glastonbury should be a festival of two halves. Provision should be made for those festival goers who would like to watch the world cup final."

Our advice for those with dilemmas... take a small telly or radio, or if you're really desperate, take an excursion to nearby Shepton Mallet or Glastonbury and watch the match there. Chances are, you will find the match being screened on personal televisions all over the festival site, from the market vendors to groups of revellers.

And bring some wellies! We'll see you there.

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