England Fans Turn to the Festivals for Comfort!

England Fans Turn to the Festivals for Comfort!

21 June 2002

By 11am, the server could bear the burden no longer, and crashed! We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this.

Virtual Festivals' editor, Steve Jenner, commented, "England's exit from the World Cup has obviously left something of a hole in all our hearts. It's like experiencing 'the rebounds' on a national scale. We desperately need something else to full the void, and look forward to. My first reaction after the match was 'Well, thank God for Glastonbury next week', and it seems thousands of others were thinking along the same lines!"

Thankfully, we now have one of the most exciting festival seasons of all time to enjoy, with a re-vitalised Glastonbury at the helm.

So cheer up England and take comfort in the fact that, even if you can't be at all the festivals, at least you can still experience them virtually on this site!

Our next big stop is Glastonbury (28-30 June), where we will be bringing you our best coverage yet, updated live as the festival is in progress, from our mobile upload centre, backstage.

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