Weather Watch: End Of The Road Festival 2014

Weather forecasts for End Of The Road, Bingley and Weyfest

Weather Watch: End Of The Road Festival 2014

Photographer: Alex ElmsAli Ryland on 28 August 2014

End Of The Road Festival 2014

It looks like a mild but fairly dry one for Dorset's Larmer Tree Gardens indie spectacular, though there is a small chance of rain breaking through the perpetually cloudy sky on Friday (August 29) – right when British Sea Power and St Vincent are stoking up for their evening slots. A drop of rain at midnight should leave the rest of the weekend rain-free.

Saturday will be another cloudy one, with highs of merely 18°C, cooling to 15°C for headliners The Flaming Lips. At least the nights won't mimic the pneumonia-wracking cold of the previous weekend, as nights are to meet around a comfortable 13-15°C - and there'll even be sun Sunday morning. With cloud covering the rest of the final day, at least one can appreciate the lack of lashings from rainy chills.

Bingley Music Live 2014

Bingley's Myrtle Park is nestled in stunning Yorkshire countryside, but it's the county's relief rainfall that contributes to Friday being a bit of a wash out; the drizzly downpour increases to greet headliners Shed Seven who'll be marking their 25 year anniversary rather soggily.

Luckily the superseding Saturday (30 August) will do its best to dry the site, with some early afternoon sun allowing headliner Example to make an Example of all other dance titans without the need of wellies. Sunday dawns with even better conditions, the sun's rays bathing everyone in nodding-nostalgic warmth ready for Pet Shop Boys.

Weyfest 2014

It looks to be relatively sunny down in Farnham, Surrey, which is fortunate as the open-air setting of The Rural Centre won't provide any shelter save a few rustic wheelbarrows. Friday there may be, however, a spot of early afternoon drizzle competing with said sun, before cloud covers the arrival of headliners 10cc - so prepare the parasols!

's highs of 19°C combined with cloud might make it a bit muggy, but if The Feeling's right, just go for it – as there's a fine night ahead in which to enjoy the tranquil countryside in. Sunday (August 31) starts with sun, with highs of 20°C prompting suncream, though by later afternoon gathering clouds will make the weather 'Cool For Cats' as Squeeze ease in to top the bill.

ArcTanGent 2014

A spot of rain this Thursday (August 28) afternoon over Bristol's Fernhill Farm will open up to sun the rest of day as Three Trapped Tigers and And So I Watch You From Afar begin proceedings with suitably ravaged hardcore wailings. A shame the weather watch from afar doesn't look great, as Friday sees continuous rain from 2pm until 1am that night.

Luckily, final day Saturday is to be temperate and flood free - if once again a cloud-fest, as closers Mono prepare to bid a gallumphing goodbye to the new(ish) noise-rock outing.


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