Download Festival 2014 - Day Two round-up

Highlights from Saturday at Download Festival

Download Festival 2014 - Day Two round-up

Photographer: Sara BowreyAnna Hyams, Ali Ryland on 15 June 2014

Linkin Park were back at Download, this time to run-through their turn-of-the-century debut record 'Hybrid Theory' and cause the Download Festival arena to reach almost capacity; a massive improvement upon yesterday's sparser crowds.

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A drizzle has been threatening the festival since last night, permeating today's atmosphere as Downloaders grumble and wish for the blazing heat that they so cursed yesterday. Luckily, Dying Fetus (8/10) provide a respite from the general monotony as the death metallers perform a flawlessly tight set. Unfortunately, the multitude who threw their strength behind the #whynotdyingfetus campaign that saw the band put on the bill are not all here; the 11am slot is brutal for many. Despite this, a pentagram baby doll graffitid with Dying Fetus brings a roar as it is thrown onto the stage, and a circle pit abounds for finisher 'Praise The Lord (Opium of the Masses)'.

Fozzy (7) wins the award for most sequinned members, but it's The Bosshoss (9) who take showiness to the next level. Their southern American drawls don't belie their underlying German accents. The country and western, mariachi infused brilliance from Berlin proving a true crowd-pleaser. Finishing on an inspired cover of 'Word Up', gyrating star of the show Boss Burns pours beer onto the drums and down the washboards as its players manage to pull off their solos nevertheless.

Bowling For Soup (6) bring another inflatable sheep with them to their set this year, but their banter can't quite cut it. "You can boo me all you want, Dowload already has your money" says vocalist Jaret Reddick after boos resound when the singer takes too many long sips of his drink. Luckily Killswitch Engage (8) bring the sun and the crowd, as the arena swells far beyond its size yesterday; day ticket sales have proved far more lucrative when Linkin Park is on offer.

While toilets have been kept reasonably clean, many still resplendent with toilet rolls, the rising heat brings with it an unmistakable rising smell. Or is that Bring Me The Horizon? (7). Despite the large crowd, many of the sprawled hill top residents can't help but shout that they are (seemingly willingly) subjecting themselves to “wank”. “It's not just wank, it's fucking wank” one festival goer adds solemnly. However, despite the hate, the Sheffield screamers impress the front of the crowd with a respectable set; though it does lack the intense energy that bristled through previous performances. The Wildhearts (7/10) are unfortunately similarly muted, and Fall Out Boy (8) have an unsure start. Once 'Young Volcanoes' hits the crowd - along with many large 'FOB' balloons - the feel-good waves of pop-rock sound the right note on the sunny evening.

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Orange camp has not been opened, suggesting that the festival this year has not reached the same capacity as the year previously, where 90,000 revellers took part.

From 12am-3am Saturday, Daniel P Carter will be taking over The Doghouse with a DJ set that will include the best in metal, punk, hardcore and dubstep.


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