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A pick of the beastly best

Photographer: Sara BowreyMatt Miles on 28 May 2014

Taking place 13-15 June at the infamous Donington Park, it is that time of year again when the sun is slowly engulfed by black clouds and on the horizons we can hear the cacophonous beginnings of the loudest weekend on the festival calendar. Here are five of the bands we think are most likely to steal the crown for most monstrous set this year at Download Festival 2014.

Monster Magnet - most likely to cause a hallucinogen free acid trip

Monster Magnet have the ability to wrap their riffs around the stem of your consciousness, as they slowly unfurl their masterful riffery you feel your brain spinning off in a whirlwinding dive into surreality. Fresh off of the back of last year’s release Last Patrol, Dave Wyndorf will be putting on a show that you will not soon forget. Sounding a little like godzilla on acid, or maybe a bunch of hippies, tripping balls and doused in high octane riffs then set on fire, Monster Magnet have almost 25 years worth of flawless material to choose from, this is a set that cannot dissapoint. 

The Temperance Movement - most likely to inspire you into making a deal with the devil

Making back to basics, powerful rock’n’roll, The Temperance Movement have a sound so rugged and sleazy it practically pumps its pungent aroma through your speakers. Dazzling with dizzying riffs and hoarse throated howling this is one band that whilst less likely to instigate an all out moshpit, will leave the crowd out of breath and sweaty none the less. Expect to tap into something primal as they take you through a blues rock masterclass and leave you drained and greedy for more on the other end of it.

Quicksand - most likely to swallow you whole

In the slew of now legendary music the 90’s gave birth too. Quicksand are one of those bands that managed to slip through the net of notoriety. Serving up cuttingly poignant lyricism jerking on top of sludgy and guttural guitars. 1993’s debut album Slip is possibly one of the best album’s you’ve never heard, the power and viscerally ground-breaking scope of it rivals 90’s pin ups such as Nevermind and The Bends. After a near 13 year hiatus, the band successfully re-united in 2012 and it is now heavily hinted that they have been working on new material. 

Rob Zombie - most likely to have a go at eating your brains

Seeings as the Friday night dress up theme is zombiefication, you would be fairly safe wagering that you will be awash in a sea of slime and blood for this set. Rob Zombie being the showman that he is, it's extremely likely he will take the festival tradition and turn it up a notch with some ridiculous prosthetics from his traveling carnival of horrors. Musically possibly debuting material from his sixth studio album, alongside the classics and cuts from last year’s Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor, this is one show that will definitely get simultaneously silly, sweaty and spooky. 

Milk Teeth - most likely to cause a riff in the time stream continuum

Whether with infectious chugging guitars, a fluctuating mix of ennui enfusement and angst riddling packed into their vocals or just because their songs worm their way into your brain and refuse to leave. If you accidentally wander into the audial range of Milk Teeth's set this weekend, you are damn sure to know about it. Yet another young band championing a grunge revival, the idea has been met with universal approval from most in the music industry, so far it has been a case of getting it whilst it's hot though with bands such as Japanese Voyeurs and Dinosaur Pile Up either splitting up or going down a different route, regardless, Milk Teeth are scalding right now. 

Download Festival 2014 takes place at Donington Park, Derby, Leicestershire from Friday 13 - Sunday 15 June, which access to the site opening from Thursday June 12. Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and Aerosmith have all been confirmed to headline the festival. Click here to see the full Download Festival line-up.

Download Festival tickets are available now, priced as follows:

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Weekend Arena Ticket & 3 night camping                    £185 plus £10 booking fee
Weekend Arena Ticket & 5 night camping                    £195 plus £10 booking fee

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