Glastonbury's Michael Eavis leaves tribute to Tony Benn

Eavis says Benn achieved 'legendary status in his own lifetime'

Virtual Festivals on 14 March 2014

Michael Eavis turned to the Glastonbury Website to leave this message:

"Tony Benn achieved legendary status in his own lifetime as he fought to improve the lot of the working class people of this country. As a politician he presented his arguments in such a way that even his opponents couldn’t resist his charm.

"We were very privileged to have him starring at the Left Field political forum on so many occasions. His absence this year will be really sad."

Benn had a close tie to the festival and opened the festival's Left Field Stage in 2002. He returned to speak at the festival every year since then, including last year's event.

The junior member of the Glastonbury family, Emily Eavis left her own message on Twitter too.

Tony Benn, left-wing campaigner and former cabinet minister, died at his home, his family announced today. Benn made appearances at a number of British festivals but was most noted for his regular Glastonbury addresses. He described his affection for the festival to the BBC last year: "It's a wonderful event, it almost persuades me that anarchy would be possible because there are no police here yet everybody lives peacefully side by side, but it's a wonderful collection of people, old and young and of all opinions, and they come to listen to music and then to talk about politics."


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