EXCLUSIVE: First bands for Glasto '05?


Photographer:Mike Eccleshall

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Ross Purdie | 17 October 2004

Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, The Streets and Snow Patrol will all be performing at Glasto 2005, according to the festival's founding father.

While the often outspoken festival guru remains tight-lipped about the identity of the three headliners already earmarked for next year's Glastonbury, he has been more forthcoming on who will be approached to make up the rest of the bill.

Speaking exclusively to VF, Eavis told us: "In terms of what you could call the 'second division' of artists, who are still massive of course but not headliners, we're confident Razorlight, Franz Ferdinand, The Streets and Snow Patrol will all play. They're all brilliant and hopefully they will play. I expect to see them there." 

The bold declaration contradicts the festival's long standing reluctancy to invite bands to appear two years in a row. Despite acts such as Kings Of Leon, The Chemical Brothers and Supergrass all playing consecutive Glastonbury festivals over the last two years, organisers tend to vary the bands on show to avoid repetition.

Snow Patrol, Franz Ferdinand and Razorlight all performed this summer, however The Streets are definitely due a return, having not played the event since 2003.    

But as always, it will be a case of wait and see. No bands are officially confirmed as yet and the line-up will not be announced until April at the earliest.

The Glastonbury Festival 2005 is due to take place at Worthy Farm, Pilton, between 24-26 June (license permitting.)


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