Manic Street Preachers: 'We'd like to play The Holy Bible in full at Glastonbury'

Manics suggest themselves for Glastonbury Festival 2014

Photographer: Mark HollowayChris Swindells on 17 October 2013

The band, from Blackwood, Wales, last marked a major milestone for the record back in 2004 with a special 10th anniversary release, which included the full US mix of the record and a commerative DVD.

Released on 29 August 1994, The Holy Bible is now considered one of the most critically important records of the nineties and remains a firm fan favourite to this day. It was to become the last Manic Street Preachers album to feature their founding member and rhythm guitarist Richey Edwards, before his disappearance in 1995, and has continued to spur critical discussion and debate amongst fans and critics.

James Dean Bradfield confirmed in conversation with Lauren Laverne today an interest in releasing another special edition set for the anniversary: "I think he [Wire] might have a plan because we've definitely found a lot of other Holy Bible material that we didn't know we had. I don't mean music, I just mean pictures, preps and notebook stuff, everything. We've found things there."

Bassist Nicky Wire added: "We've had a good rummage in the attic and there's plenty of stuff, lots of letters from each other, lots of notebooks we had, specially from me and Richey [Edwards].

"We kind of wrestle with the idea of doing a gig playing the whole of it, but I'm not so sure." Wire said. "I'd like to do it at Glastonbury actually, I really would."

Lauren Laverne then replied: "I know they listen to this in the office so hopefully that's something we can work out before the end of the set."

The band played a seven track set at Maida Vale for BBC Radio 6Music today, including their latest single 'Show me The Wonder' from their eleventh studio album 'Rewind The Film'. The performance also included their classic singles 'Motorcycle Emptiness' and 'A Design For Life'. After the live recording had ceased James Dean Bradfield stayed on for a "Brucie Bonus" song, the only one to be taken from The Holy Bible - 'This Is Yesterday'.

Manic Street Preachers last played Glastonbury Festival in 2007 and ended their set with an emotional tribute to Richey Edwards.

"We first played Glastonbury in 1994." James Dean Bradfield told the Pyramid Stage crowd. "One of us was hammered before the gig, during the gig and after the gig. That man was Mr Richey James (Edwards). This one is for him."

The full highlights from the Manic Streets Preachers performance at Maida Vale with Radio 6 Music will be available on BBC iPlayer and the BBC Red Button this evening (October 17).


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