Creamfields 2013 review

'A rave extravaganza, Creamfields is the dance mecca'

Creamfields 2013 review

Photographer:Claire Elshaw

Claire Elshaw - 27 August 2013

As the August Bank Holiday signals the end of the summer for many, festival goers are eager to ring every last drop of musical bliss out of the remaining events. So whilst rock aficionados are heading to Reading and Leeds, those who want to rave are descending on Cheshire for the annual Creamfields extravaganza.

Boasting a line-up of great DJs, dance bands and even A list Hollywooders, anyone who’s ever fancied dancing in a field is overwhelmed with the choices on offer.  Friday sees the grounds throw their doors open to the early birds who are keen to get a head start on the partying.

But it’s Saturday when things really start heating up. With so many stages to choose from its hard not to get paralysed by indecision. Bondax (6) prove a reasonable option over in the Skream and Benga tent.

The major treat of the day comes in the early evening. None other than Idris Elba (10) is gracing the decks over in the Toolroom. Proving that he is just a big a draw behind the decks as on the silver screen, the crowds spill out of every side of the tent.

Unfortunately the same can’t be said of Major Look (5), who seem to be putting as many punters off as they are drawing in. ‘Hush Your Gums’ and ‘Heart Attack’  fail to impress.

As the day bleeds into the night the big guns take to the stage. The Prodigy (9) are on the North Stage, pumping tunes out like their lives depend on it. Thrashing out the likes of ‘Breathe’, ‘Firestarter’ and ‘Omen’ with even more energy than the kids in the audience, they really show their metal and they’re mental. The only issue is not really one they can do anything to rectify. Whilst they are loud, really loud, for punters stood away from the front and out of direct line of a speakers there is some sound bleed from the other stages. A problem that reoccurs in several places all over the weekend. The only solution offered seems to be to make the sound even louder. Well that works for Avicii (8) headlining the South Stage, which is so loud it’s almost possible to listen to that set and The Prodigy simultaneously. Which is great for multitasking, and those indecisive folk who couldn’t make their mind up on who to see, but is also a little mindbending.

Sunday is the final day of the festival, and despite a couple of days hard raving the punters are still in fine fettle. This may be in part due to the relief of making it to Sunday this year, after last year sadly got washed out in the summer of endless rain. No such problems for 2013 as the sun beats down whilst the likes of Chuckie (8), Eddie Halliwell (7) and Otto Knows (7) head to the stage, although as their sets are indoors you would hardly notice. Out in the fresh air Steve Angello (9) is really getting the best out of his crowd, putting on a dazzling show of pyrotechnics, fireworks, streamers and pumping tunes.

Paul Van Dyk (9) shows he’s still got style and energy on the Cream stage, whilst David Guetta is late, late, late. The stage screens announce he’s had flight delays.  So many of those waiting joined the throngs already gathered to see Tiesto (10). Colourful and vibrant as always, he takes the crowd along on a magical musical journey.

David Guetta (8) eventually turns up, and the warm welcome he’s given shows there are no hard feelings for his tardiness.  This is hardly surprising as Guetta is now such a regular Creamfields performer he’s practically part of the furniture, his shows are always a visual spectacular.

Whether its strobing, exploding or blaring out at over 122dB; Creamfields is a bit of a sensory overload. Good job it’s on a Bank Holiday, as there’s another day off work to go, a chance for the more delicate revellers to recover in a darkened room somewhere. 

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