Eminem at Leeds Festival 2013 review

'Saving the best for last, Eminem is the true Leeds headliner'

Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

Gavin McInally - 26 August 2013

Even before the US rap superstar takes the stage it's evident Eminem is the weekend's true headliner with so many fans crammed in front of the Main Stage, it wouldn't be a shock to find out Reading sent up bus loads of fans for tonight's performance.

Marshall Mathers is a sultry fellow at the best of times but his class can't be denied as he gesticulates his way through the closing nigh tin front of an adoring army of fans.

Almost 30 tracks are pinned into the set which results in the selection of hip-hop gems being sliced to all-to-short samples but each one is welcomed by the battered and bruised - yet swollen - crowd with an enthusiasm which may as well have been warm slippers and a coal fire.

'Survival', 'Won't Back Down' and '3 a.m.' offer up a mixed starter which come across just as well rehearsed as they are brilliant.

Each line of 'Square Dance', 'White America' and 'Mosh' are also received with a feverish hunger from an audience who allow themselves to forget the misery underfoot.

There's barely a word out of sync with the tour schedule and it's genuinely refreshing to hear Eminem take the time to utter "Leeds" between the pre-planned patter.

Dido's personal appearance to sing the instantly recognisable chorus of 'Stan' is a highlight in the set while the backing singer does ani ncredible job of standing in for Rihanna for a rendition of 'Love The Way You Lie'.

A more light-hearted run through of the cheeky classics which inscribed Slim Shady into the hearts of music fans including 'My Name Is', 'The Real Slim Shady' and 'Without Me' tail off the show before 'Not Afraid' and a one-track encore of 'Lose Yourself' marks the end of a performance fitting enough to round off a memorable weekend.

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