Biffy Clyro at Leeds Festival 2013 review

'Welcome to the UK Festival premier division'

Photographer: Shirlaine ForrestGavin McInally on 24 August 2013

Global superstars Green Day and Eminem might look better suited to their lofty headline billing but it's hard to think of a band who deserve a shot at the top more than Biffy Clyro.

The Scots rockers have literally climbed their way up the bill, stage by stage, slot by slot and from the second the curtain is lifted for opener 'Different People' to expose an elaborate Opposites-inspired setting, there is no doubting the trio can fill the biggest shoes Leeds has to offer.

Only two songs in and the the frantic 'That Golden Rule' has the Main Stage masses unleashing months of anticipation and excitement on a damp Bramham Park.

Topless frontman Simon Neil struts about the impressive stage set-up with all the confidence of the rock icon he's become and refuses to allow the downpours to dampen their moment.

"The rain can go suck a dick, music is more powerful than nature" he proclaims, before launching into the emotionally soaked 'Folding Stars'.

Old school die-hards are robbed of a back catalogue of classics and despite all the singalong joy for the likes of pop fused 'Who's Got A Match' and 'The Captain' it's a struggle not to yearn for 'Bodies in Flight' or 'There's No Such Thing As A Jaggy Snake'.

Pre-superstardom fans do get a taste of the good old days with the brilliant '57', 'Glitter And Trauma' and an all-to-brief acoustic rendition of 'Questions And Answers'.

Otherwise it was a Puzzle, Only Revolutions and Opposites masterclass with every last lyric chanted back at the Ayrshire boys with gusto.

An encore of 'Skylight', 'Stingin' Belle' and the modern rock anthem 'Mountains' wrap up a confirmation of Biffy Clyro's promotion to the UK festival premier division and it's difficult to see them being relegated back to support slots in the foreseeable future.

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