Rudimental at V Festival 2013 review

'giving the crowd one hell of a workout'

Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

Chris Eustace - 18 August 2013

"Open your hearts, your minds and souls...this is our home." Rudimental are in their element this afternoon, and big festival stages are now indeed the dance collective's home, especially since the band’s debut album hit the top of the charts earlier this year. Its title track has a huge 4Music Stage crowd swaying their arms around wildly, and they plough on, with 'Baby' marrying deep house beats to loverman R'n'B to great effect in the blazing sunshine.

The first of their big singles is next with a pent-up 'Not Giving In' sending the punters delirious as it speeds up for the chorus. Even the band themselves are impressed, laughing "that was a workout!" before people are encouraged onto each others' shoulders ("Don't worry about security!") for the mellower old-school soul of 'Free', though the sheer scale of people who obey the call sends Rudimental backtracking, getting everyone to instead just jump up and down, "before we get told off by the council”.

When 'Waiting All Night' drops, no-one needs any encouragement to jump - even the normally laid-back crowd on the hill overlooking the hill are up and dancing, and it's clearly making the band a bit emotional, with the band recounting how they've been "going strong for 8 years...we've been waiting for this!" Trumpet player Mark Brown has been working overtime all set and gets his big solo next, segueing into a breakbeat-bolstered cover of the Fugees' 'Ready Or Not', and as the chords at the end begin to sound familiar, it's obvious that they're about to leave us with a celebratory 'Feel The Love', despite John Newman playing earlier, he isn't around to come on to sing the song that's propelled both himself and Rudimental to these dizzying heights of popularity, but it's still a stellar end to the set, the song of last summer still going strong this year too. You get the feeling that both the song and its' creators will be taking up residence round here for some time.

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