Two Door Cinema Club at V Festival 2013 review

'Auditioning for some kind of indie-kid Rat Pack'

Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

Chris Eustace - 17 August 2013

The swirling wind whips the sound around as Two Door Cinema Club begin with a consequently muffled 'Sleep Alone', meaning their V Main Stage debut has a bit of a false start. The jets of smoke that spurt across the stage at the song's end persuade the sun to peek back out though, and they're finally away with energetic versions of 'Undercover Martyn' and 'This Is The Life'. Singer Alex Trimble has grown into his frontman role of late as well: "Let's have a little fun together!" he smiles. Decked out in suit jacket and tie, and nursing a glass of wine, it's like he's auditioning for some kind of indie-kid Rat Pack, and their success has obviously bred some extra confidence. Today also marks the first-ever live airing of new single 'The Changing Of The Seasons', and while it's not a massive departure, it does bring a lyrical bitterness they've kept hidden before - "I don't love you anymore" Trimble sighs, the sentiment wrapped up in a deceptively upbeat melody. The clap-along suggests V are into it, especially when 'Come Back Home' and a bouncy 'I Can Talk' crash in afterwards.

As Trimble slides over to the piano and picks out some a ballad-esque tune, it looks like the big stage has triggered some kind of Gary Barlow episode. Luckily, it's just a tease for a srident 'Next Year', and it means when he tries a similar trick before 'Something Good Can Work' he's quickly rumbled, the crowd clapping faster to urge the song along. Possibly conscious of previous "lightweight" accusations, Trimble snarls the "the devil will want you back" refrain of 'Handshake' before a skipping 'What You Know' closes things out pretty triumphantly. "We last played here in 2009," Alex says before they depart, "No-one came to see us, so this is basically our first V." In that case, let's say it was an impressive debut.

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