New Primal Scream album Unveiled!

17 June 2002

'EVIL HEAT' is, in the words of Bobby Gillespie, its creator, "electronic garage band future rock'n'roll", and is a more upbeat record than its predecessor. It was recorded in London with a gang of kindred spirits including Robert Plant, Kevin Shields, Andy Weatherall, Jagz Kooner, Jim Reid, and if it's finished in time, Kate Moss.

The album is preceded by a single, 'Miss Lucifer', on July 22nd and the band play two sold-out shows at Shepherds Bush Empire on 19th and 20th June, followed by appearances at T in The Park on 13th July and V2002 on August 17th and 18th.

Bobby Gillespie ran us through the tracks...

Deep Hit Of Morning Sun
The album opener, mixed by Kevin Shields. It will instantly loosen your jaw into an expression of awe.  West Coast psychedelic pop tripping into these troubled times. Gillespie: "Aye, the psychedelic one. We just try and make a really beautiful record that means something to us, and I think we¹ve done it here."

Miss Lucifer
Jagz Kooner on the mix, and the first single from the album. A hammering electro rhythm. Gillespie: "I guess it¹s a sexual song. Electronic rock & roll. Yeah, it¹s quite short, but rock & roll should be short, like Little Richard and Jerry Lee, you know?"

Autobahn 66
The first of the Weatherall tunes. Minimal Two Lone Swordsmen-style techno, put in service of motorik splendour. Gillespie: "Aah, it's absolutely amazing. I think it's the best thing we've done since'Higher Than The Sun'. I can honestly say,  it's an absolute classic. So we're back with Weatherall. It's working, you know? While it's working, don't question it. When you hear the track, you'll  be blown away. It¹s as good as Kraftwerk. It doesn¹t sound like Kraftwerk, but it¹s got that melancholic, beautiful driving feel. It's up there, very beautiful."

One of the first songs written for the album. Features Bobby's old Jesus And Mary Chain bandmate Jim Reid on vocals.

Shields again. Bilious, psychotic, a protest song in broadest sense. Birth, school, work, death ­ nein, danke. Gillespie: "It's righteous, you know? It sounds like the Plastic Ono Band. It's real glam rock meets PiL."

The Lord Is My Shotgun
An electronic blues, mixed by Shields . Features harmonica from the great Mr. Robert Plant, who was accosted on the street near his house, which is not far from the Scream's studio.

Skull X
Yet another Shields mix. A groove reminiscent of Joy Division's 'Colony', which builds through Velvet Underground-style repetition to a brain-threshing finale. Think: rotor blades, fresh napalm in the morning, etc. Gillespie: "That's short for, skull exploding. It's like a fucking guitar holocaust, incredible. Future rock & roll. I love it."

Mixed by Shields; a filthy urban punk rocker.

A Scanner Darkly
Weatherall. Like a robot stumbling over the horizon, escaping into black oblivion, this is how the album will send you out into the world.
Gillespie: "Really beautiful electronic music. I don't sing on it. Big deal. Doesn't matter. The guys have made a beautiful piece of music. My ego, I don't feel I've got to sing on it. That's how bands don't last. I know I don't need to on this one. It's beautiful the way it is."

Space Blues No. 2
Vocals by Martin Duffy. Beautiful. The title is a nod to Felt and their mainman Laurence. And Duffy was in Felt. Another Shields mix.

And finally...
As if that were not enough. Still in production, and hopefully to be finished in time to be included on the album:

Some Velvet Morning
A cover of the Lee Hazelwood & Nancy Sinatra. Note the dazed ante-meridiem theme recurring. Gillespie gets to be Lee for a day, while his Nancy is supermodel Kate Moss. They have duetted before, seen by some on a video on a  website last year.

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