Wakestock 2013 in preview: get board, not bored

Our five Wakestock Festival essentials

Photographer:Trevor Eales

Matt Miles - 09 July 2013

With the Wakestock wave about to break before us, Virtual Festivals has the top five things you should check out so you don't wipe out in Wales this weekend.

Exclusive Headliner: James

If you’re not sold on the sheer classic indie brilliance of James’ back catalogue of hits then go see them for selfish douchebag reasons, do it because no one else will have the privilege of seeing this elusive band this year, James will be playing one of a small handful of UK festivals at Wakestock this year, giving you the rare opportunity to get serenaded by the enigmatic Tim Booth in this beautiful Welsh bay. Leading proponents in founding the ‘madchester’ scene, hits ‘Sit Down’, ‘Getting Away With It’ and ‘Come Home’ cemented James' place in music history, they have since polished their live performances into something that just cannot be missed. After touring last year with a full orchestra expect them to be doing something equally adventurous and spectacular this year.

The Wakeboarding: boats, big air & rails

Wakestock is at its core a Wakeboarding festival and a lot of its patrons often forget that there is music on at all. This year is set to be just as captivating, with the Wakeboarding split into three major competitions. The main competition consists of being towed behind a boat and the riders using the boat’s wake as a ramp to perform tricks. This year also sees the rise of the rail comp, this will be slightly more technical than the main competition, employing closed course cable systems around a lake set up like an aqua skatepark. With former world champs like Nick Davies and Daniel Grant in attendance, current WWA champ James Windsor is going to be facing fierce competition. Finally, there is the big air comp taking place on Abersoch Beach and the competition is just two hours long with whoever goes the hardest winning big. 

Introducing: Watsky

Proving that the line between rap and poetry is a pale and skinny one, George Watsky is definitely one to watch at this year’s Wakestock. A revered and respected slam poet from California, Watsky brings a unique intelligence and wit, channelled through hip hop. Touring with a full band who contribute as much to the show as the eloquent frontman himself, Watsky’s festival performance will be one that sees the wordsmith spitting lightning speed verse into an electrified crowd conducting a masterclass in showmanship and passion. Being their first real introduction to a UK festival crowd, expect them to be literally bouncing off the stage walls, feeding off the ‘energy’ of it all.

Chill Pill: The Pub Stage

Wakestock has announced a brand new stage for this year, The Pub Stage. This stage will be right in the middle of the site and accessible to all. It will be primarily a platform for local talent and a showcase to up-and-coming artists. Expect however all the comforts of your local boozer with a chilled out seating area, great bar and a pub quiz. The perfect place to just take an hour out and relax for a beat, recharge your batteries before rushing off to take in some more gnarly tricks on the water.

All Night Long: Andy C

As the weekend comes to a close there is only one option left to you, dance until you’re red in the face. Tomorrow means you have to head back to reality, but you still have all night/morning before then so make the most of it on The South Stage with drum and bass’ chief party starter Andy C. This will be the party to end all parties, or at least all Wakestock parties. The perfect place to let your hair down whilst one of the top DJs in the world spins all the tracks you need to keep your head bopping and your feet stomping all the way to sunrise.

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