Ten new things at Glastonbury Festival 2013

What's new to Glastonbury Festival this year

Photographer:Peter Corkhill

Chris Eustace - 23 June 2013

Here’s 10 things set to make their Glasto debut in 2013...

Silver Hayes

The new name for the Dance Village, this new area will see the futuristic Sonic venue host some of the biggest DJs and dance acts, with room for 6000 people, while the WOW stage gets a boat party-style makeover, with DJs set to perform outside the tent on a ship. La Pussy Parlure Nouveau also gets a new look, with a new mansion front and a lounge bar feel, whilst growing to twice its previous size. There’s also two new stages...


The first one is the new Gully open air stage. Hosting MCs, DJs and soundsystems, and concentrating on reggae and blues, David Rodigan’s Ram Jam, Natty and The Congos are among those set to play, while Radio 1 and 1Xtra will broadcast live from there on the festival’s Saturday night.

The Blues

The other new Silver Hayes stage will look to bring a bit of Carnival to the festival, with a open-air, street-style set and reggae soundsystems and MCs all weekend.

The Cave

The Common’s newest large-scale venue, it’s presented as the birthplace of beats – where “the deepest roots of rhythm and culture” can be found. Reggae Roast, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Shut Up & Dance, Digital Niya Binghi, YT and Serial Killaz are amongst those set to play in this new, other-wordly cavern.

The Temple

The Temple will replace the Campo Pequeno bullring in the centre of The Common, allowing you to pray to the rave Gods, with sets from Deekiine, Ed Solo, Newham Generals, Dusky, Phaeleh and Jehst on hand to help you pay homage.


Billed as Block9’s most ambitious project to date, the open-air concrete Genosys arena will celebrate the birth of electronic dance music and the legacy of its early leading lights. The likes of Gene Hunt, Tyree Cooper, Bicep and Greg Wiilson are among those on board for what promises to be a real spectacle of sight and sound.

The Strummerville Sessions

While the roaring fire and camaraderie will still be going strong in Strummerville’s corner of The Unfairground, unlike the last few years there won’t be a stage there. Instead the music charity, set up to help aspiring musicians in tribute to the late Clash legend Joe Strummer, will host early evening music sessions in the Acid Lounge next door.

The Arctic Dome

You’ll find this in the Greenpeace field. Tying in with their campaign to save the Arctic from both climate change and circling oil companies, inside the Dome you’ll find icebergs, chilling winds and the Northern Lights as the North Pole comes to Glastonbury.

The Tree Of Life

Sistinegears have created something new in The Park to rival the famous ribbon tower. With a rotating viewing platform built into a 28ft tree sculpture, you can get yourself a panoramic view of the entire festival site.

Shangri-La goes to Hell

Last time we went to Shangri-La, its people were living in the end times - now it’s time for the fiery afterlife. The Hell Stage itself is full of “black gothic shards and brimmed with raging flames”, while the city’s alleys have been imagined in the style of Dante’s Inferno, “a maze of contemporary sins and punishments” with names like the Avenue of Corruption and Mutilation Row.

Among all this fire and brimstone, there’s also Shangri-La Heaven, a place full of VIP luxury, but you’re only getting in there if you can persuade the Admin Angels at the Desk of Judgement to let you in, and that won’t be easy.

Glastonbury Festival takes place at Worthy Farm, Pilton, Somerset from June 26-30 2013.

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