Rammstein at Download Festival 2013 review

Rammstein are the best live band in existence.

Rammstein at Download Festival 2013 review

Ali Ryland - 17 June 2013

In the world of music, if there were any statements that could purport to objective truths rather than subjective realities, it may as well be this: Rammstein are the best live band in existence.

Yes, to revere the metal titans to such a degree is now decidedly passé; yet even from the faraway tinklings to announce opener 'Ich Tu Dir Weh', the crimson stage- dropped down as it now is- is well and truly set for the industrially-influenced soaring songs and ripping guitar you cannot help but headbang to. Nonchalant and stunning vocalist Till Lindemann, descending in pink fluffiness and bondage gear, is almost as dazzling as Christian “Flake” Lorenz's sparkly get up; not that he's much covered by the end as 'Buck Dich' sees the poorly treated keyboardist once again stripped down and on his knees as Lindemann unabashedly 'lightens his load' over the nearly-naked Flake. Yes, it should come as no shock that Rammstein have decided to pull out all their greatest controversies to disgust, delight and enthrall.

How can it be that the phallocentric artistry does not in fact detract from the musical magnificence, as the dark pyromancers never miss a beat for spectacular single 'Keine Lust'. The surprisingly perfectly performed 'Ohne Dich'- among a raining stream of sparks- seamlessly merges with old and new material, the reception raucous for all.

Giving Within Temptation's glamour goddess Sharon Den Adel a run for her money with most costume changes per set, Rammstein once again outdo themselves for 'Mein Teil'. While the set up for the classic butcher scene hasn't changed much, the thrilling stupendity of viewing a blood-soaked Lindemann cooking a cauldron-encased Flake never fails to leave the crowd hungering for more.

Ending on the beautifully acoustic 'Mein Herz Brennt', the sonorous 'Sonne' and a tongue-in-cheek 'Pussy' (complete with phallus foam cannon), Rammstein prove that they deserve to retain their lewd yet masterful reputation as peerless performers.


Ich tu dir weh

Wollt ihr das Bett in Flammen sehen

Keine Lust


Asche zu Asche

Feuer frei!

Mein Teil

Ohne dich

Wiener Blut

Du riechst so gut


Links 2-3-4

Du hast

Bück dich

Ich will



Mein Herz Brennt (Piano Version)



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