Ghost at Download Festival 2013 review

Satanic Sunday Mass

Photographer:Jamie Boynton

Gavin McInally - 16 June 2013

The Satanic occult metallers continue their plummet into Hell with a depraved Sunday Mass which is attended by an army of worshippers.

The Zippo Encore Stage is buried in a sea of followers as the mysterious Swedes extended their congregation with a hypnotising performance.

'Per Aspera Ad Inferi' and 'Con Clavi Con Dio' open the now familiar ritual as papal outcast Papa Emeritus II conducts the ceremony with a casual ease, there is a peculiar charm to Papa E regardless of the fact he has now chosen to employ a grating fake italian accent inbetween songs as part of his cardinal act. The Nameless Ghouls back him up with riffs that put any regular choir to shame, ensuring the success of this sarcastic Satanic Sunday Mass.

Whether the ironic chants of "Lucifer" are taken seriously or in the tongue-in-cheek fun they are made in is hard to tell with the serious looking followers, but you wouldn't bet against those who have bought into Ghost's unusual charm burning down a church or two on the way home tomorrow.

Tributes are paid to Beelzebub as the gowned musicians round off a showing which proves possibly more popular than Catholicism this Sunday evening.

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