The Killers at Isle of Wight Festival 2013 review

'The Killers have triumphed at the Isle of Wight Festival'

The Killers at Isle of Wight Festival 2013 review

Photographer:Tim Jackson

Francesca Perry - 16 June 2013

As the night kicks in the appearance of The Killers is delayed. But these are the indie-rock giants from Las Vegas, and the prolonged wait creates an air of excitement and suspense. Eventually the band emerges to roars from the crowd. Suited and booted in black, with his staple leather jacket, Brandon Flowers looks effortlessly rock-chic.

Mr Brightside’ opens the set - Flowers, a caffeine and alcohol free Mormon, clearly fuelled on the adrenalin and sense of occasion. Smiling approvingly towards the audience, his iconic voice resonates throughout the site. Flares glow across the crowd and the energetic frontman is accompanied by thousands of voices, collectively singing back to him.

With wonderful stage presence the band play an array of hits, old and new, never failing to achieve optimum crowd participation. “What’s up dinosaur land? We ‘re brought to you by way of the fabulous Las Vegas”. Cheers erupt throughout the arena, and the audience are spurred on, revelling in their moment.

Now iconic anthems for the noughties, ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ and ‘Somebody Told Me’ are all given a passioniate seeing to, with Stoermer and Keuning providing the unforgettable guitar work throughout, stirring applause amongst the arena.

Ronnie Vannucci Jnr. steals the stage in new track, ‘Miss Atomic Bomb’ with an impressive groove, performing with a live force.  Upon Brandon’s key vocals on ‘Neon Nights’, smoke billows from the stage and fireworks explode simultaneously with the music, illuminating the sky.

Girls Aloud stole the song from Tiffany and she stole it from Tommy James, but tonight we’re stealing it back.” Flowers remarks as they cover ‘I Think we’re Alone Now’.

Taken from the new album, ‘Battle Born’, the single ‘Runaways’ also looks set to become a new festival favourite, akin to ‘All These Things That I’ve Done’, which under the crescent moonlit sky gets sea of hands aloft in elation.

As the set draws to its inevitable end, The Killers leave briefly, everyone here eagerly anticipating more. Never failing to please the crowd, the quartet return to perform ‘Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine’ and ‘When You Were Young’. Ecstasy descends over the crowd, as the stage becomes ablaze with fireworks and dazzling light. A remarkable climax to a superb performance - The Killers have triumphed at the Isle of Wight Festival 2013.

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The Killers at the Isle of Wight Festival setlist:

Mr. Brightside
The Way It Was
Smile Like You Mean It
Bling (Confession of a King)
Shadowplay (Joy Division cover)
Miss Atomic Bomb
Somebody Told Me
I Think We're Alone Now (Tommy James & the Shondells cover)
For Reasons Unknown
From Here On Out
A Dustland Fairytale
When I'm Sixty-Four (The Beatles cover - partial)
Read My Mind
All These Things That I've Done

Jenny Was a Friend of Mine
When You Were Young


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