The Stone Roses at Isle of Wight Festival 2013 review

Stone Roses find adoration at the Isle of Wight Festival

Photographer:Trevor Eales

Francesca Perry - 15 June 2013

The nineties generation have turned out in their masses, awaiting the arrival of Madchester scene legends, The Stone Roses. The sound of cheers and overall excitement become hushed as their emergence looms and a sense of anticipation builds throughout the audience. 

The evening is sparsely illuminated by the bright lights of the fairground, adding a sense of warmth to the mild chill of the summer evening, and, gleaming upon the revellers, the ferris wheel adds the perfect backdrop to the night scene.

A glow of orange spills over into the crowd, as flares are strewn across the arena. Without an extravagant entrance, the Roses casually walk onto the stage, to wild applause and cheers. Frontman, Ian Brown, maintains his traditional cool and calm swagger, one that doesn’t falter throughout the entire performance. His seemingly distant attitude, paired with a serious expression, never permits a smile. Scruffy jeans and a yellow rain coat, it’s clear that Ian Brown doesn’t dress up for these occasions. But this staple aura is what makes the Roses who they are; this is all part of the act.

The rockers burst into song, opening with their iconic hit ‘I Wanna Be Adored’, much to the crowd’s pleasure. Ian Brown enters accompanied on stage by a tambourine jingle stick, which never leaves his side, serving as his right hand man.

The festival-goers are in their element with flags waving, shoulders mounted and arms held high, clearly wanting more as chants of “Roses, Roses” erupt. Wishes are granted as hits ‘Elephant Stone’ and ‘Ten Storey Love Song’ transport the audience back to the nineties.

Psychedelic screens radiate the stage, and soon the distinct and memorable guitar riff of ‘Fools Gold’ resonate through the crowd. Prolonging the song and instrumentals, the crowd are left immersed in the music, hypnotised by the ominous hush of Brown’s vocals.

Is Prince Phillip here, is he out of hospital?” One of many random retorts from Ian Brown, accompanying his general communication with the crowd. Band members: Mani, Reni and Squire lack any formal introduction from Brown and seem happy to remain out of the glare of the light.

As the rain begins to fall, so too does ‘Waterfall’. Even still the spirits here aren’t dampened. The audience are clearly relishing in this tune, clapping for more as the song comes to a close.

Crowd favourite ‘She Bangs The Drums’ begs for everyone to lose themselves in it, and following hits ‘Love Spreads’, ‘This Is The One’ and ‘Made of Stone’ keep the revellers entertained, despite the dreary conditions.

As midnight draws closer, The Roses perform their finale, with ‘I Am the Resurrection’. Despite the rain, the crowds don’t make a premature run for it, and stay, chanting for an “Encore”, which sadly doesn’t happen. As the foursome join hands together and bow in unison, a substantial applause echoes across the site. Despite a few out of tune mishaps the Roses met a virtuous reception from the audience, many of whom still seem content living in the nineties.

The Stone Roses at the Isle of Wight Festival set-list:

I Wanna Be Adored
Elephant Stone
Ten Storey Love Song
Standing Here
Going Down
Shoot You Down
Fools Gold
Something's Burning
Don't Stop
She Bangs the Drums
Love Spreads
This Is the One
Made of Stone
Breaking into Heaven
Elizabeth My Dear
I Am the Resurrection

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