Your band could play Glasto 2005!

Your band could play Glasto 2005!

Photographer: John Bownas22 September 2004

Win a place on a Glastonbury stage for 2005

Several of the bands who won places on this year's Glastonbury Festival stages went on to be signed to record labels and to play other large events. Blackbud and The Subways stand out for particlar mention, and you will undoubtedly be hearing more from both of these bands in the near future.

Due to the success of the contest Glastonbury organisers have decided to repeat the exercise for next year...although of course the opportunity to play is still dependent upon the festival getting its license.

Those bands who get through the finals (to be held at pilton Working Mens Club in March 2005) will have the chance to play on either the New Stage, the Other Stage, the Acoustic Stage or the World stage.

For full details of the competition are to be found on the Glastonbury Festival Website.

There is a non-refundable ten pound registration fee (plus VAT), but this is to cover the event's administration costs and the production costs for the finals. Given that last year saw 3,000 entries then it's not unreasonable for the festival to make a small charge as it obviously takes many many hours to go through so many demo CD's.

Because we know how close to the poverty line many young bands are we checked with Glastonbury to see what would happen if disaster struck and the event didn't go ahead. A spokesman said, 'knowing Michael he would feel very uncomfortable about retaining the money!' - so we guess you can rest easy in that should the worst happen then you'll at least still be able to have a pint or two to commiserate each other!

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