Boomtown Fair 2013: a dynamite festival

Our five to watch at the zany and wonderful Boomtown

Boomtown Fair 2013: a dynamite festival

Matt Miles - 22 May 2013

Don’t worry intrepid reader. Virtual Festivals is here to help you navigate your way through the madness and help you to enjoy possibly one of the most diverse and electric festivals on offer this year. Still a relative newcomer to the festival scene Boomtown Fair started only four years ago and with the addition of new stages, districts and a much larger line up, this fifth year will no doubt be the biggest yet.

Whilst Boomtown has a lot of really great artists on offer be sure you do also take the time to wander from district to district checking out all the different locales and atmospheres. Boomtown prides itself on creating this pop up town and peopling it with believable decoration and characters. They even have an elaborate town history that is an interesting read. Check it out on their website.

Below is a list of acts that you shouldn’t pass up on the opportunity to catch, in this spectacular setting every one of these artists is likely to shine at their most sparkly. 

Devil Kicks Dance Hall

DEMENTED ARE GO are crazy bastards. They will destroy their set, I expect this to be one of the most explosive of the whole weekend. Just thinking about trying to contain them within any normal stage baffles me. I expect a pit and if there isn’t one find me and we’ll start one.

High Focus Records Showcase
Poco Loco

These guys are basically running the UK hip hop scene at the moment. A collection of the wittiest, smartest and most inventive in their field. If their live show is as boundary smashing as their album output then you can expect something huge. Bringing the whole crew down you can expect some sick collaboration, The Four Owls likely being the very highest focus though.

Town Centre

Ozomatli will bring the jam, let yourself be the bread and the two of you can make a beautiful butty. The ability to view their set and not find yourself accidentally boogy-ing along is not one yet available to any being with a soul. Their blend of genre’s and obvious passion for the music make their live shows a masterclass. 

ChinaTown Theatre

These boys garnered a lot of notoriety a couple years back. They got playtime on Radio 1, national recognition and released their EP all whilst barely into their teens. The boys have been around Punk, Ska and Rock since they were essentially in diapers. Older now, their sound is finetuned to a point that can only be achieved by this level of immersion and dedication to their music. Their show is not one to be missed.

Tyrannosaurus Alan
Chinatown Theatre

Back together after a very brief hiatus, these boys play their comeback gig on the 25th of May at the Camden Underworld. Go see them, if after that you still don’t agree that you absolutely have to spend your time with them at Boomtown then you sir/madamme are mad. They are a perfect fusion of all their influences, their horn section is arousing, their rhythm and pace is electrifying and their lyrics and delivery are like a greedy line of coke to celebrate it all with. All of this makes for the dancing at their shows alone to be awkward/awesome. Awksome.

Five tiers of BoomTown Fair Festival tickets have now sold out, but the final 'tier' of tickets are available now priced at £149. Those aged 13 -17 are priced at £85 and 6-12 are £20. Anyone under 6 is free.

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