EXCLUSIVE: VF stalks Thom Yorke!


Photographer:Mike Eccleshall

by Ross Purdie | 15 September 2004

Yorke appeared onstage, wearing a pair of shades, midway through R.E.M's set to join Michael Stipe on vocals for a version of the US band's 1996 UK Top Five hit 'E-Bow The Letter'.

The invite-only gig, mainly for fan club members, took place at St James' Church, Piccadilly, last night (15th September). The band played a number of favourites, including 'Animal' and 'Losing My Religion', before showcasing new tracks from their forthcoming album. Click here for the full report.

The Radiohead frontman got the invite from Stipe via text message just a few hours before the performance, meaning there was no time for any rehearsal with the band. 

He later told us: "We've done E-bow together a few times so that seemed the best one to go with. I wasn't sure how it was going to fit together though, so I just kind of jammed along, and when Michael stopped singing during the chorus I just picked it up from there. Oh yes - and we don't have showbiz pals...we're not like that!"

Not content with just a quick chat, our reporter decided to follow Yorke home to see how many people would recognise one of the world's most famous faces in rock.

VF's John Bownas said: "It was a nice night and I saw him leave so I just thought I'd see how Londoners would take to him. It was staggering. Loads of punters were being kicked out of pubs and people were walking straight past him but not one person battered an eyelid. Thom Yorke is surely one of the most recognizable figures in rock, and yet not a head turns in his direction during the whole journey. It proves, once and for all, how Londoner's completely fail to acknowledge the people who are around them when they walk the capital's streets."  

R.E.M yesterday anounced an extensive UK tour, tickets for which will go on sale from Virtual Festivals at 9am Saturday morning. Click here for the full tour details.


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