Victorinox launch a Festival Ready phone app

This Is App-ening

Chris Eustace - 08 May 2013

Less likely to spark interest from your friendly festival security team on the way in, but also less likely to be much good at opening those tins of sausages and beans that seemed like a good idea during the cider run down the local Tesco, the free app could, however, help ease a few other perennial festival annoyances.

With an option to sign in using Facebook, the main attraction is the 3G GPS Navigator tool, allowing the user to “pin” and save photos of essential landmarks such as their tent, different stages and favourite food stalls. Once saved, highlighting the pin you want to go to will direct you back to that location from anywhere else onsite. You’ll even be able to rate said locations (that was mud, right?).

So no more 4am “where the hell’s my tent?!” business, and if its people rather than things you’re searching for, users can form a group on Facebook with others who have also downloaded the app, allowing them to share pins and each other’s locations, with an option to add a photo of where they are available here too, to help you find them even when it’s got to the stage where text won’t cut it.

The heartwarming reunion you’ve been dreaming of all day since everyone but you gave up searching for the secret Daft Punk set can become a reality, in 3D no less (the robots would surely approve), while the app also offers camping tips (including what to pack, what to wear, staying safe and pitching your tent) and the local weather forecast.

Throw in a Torch, LED Messaging, and an Emergency Response Alarm, and if all else fails, you’ve something to amuse and/or annoy each other with once the Silent Disco finishes at least. Whether it’d need to be more specifically tailored to individual festivals to truly work (they’ve already teamed up with August’s Wilderness Festival to give away VIP tickets to 10 people who place a pin on their campsite), and whether the “half a day, then gone” nature of smartphone batteries ensure it’s not entirely compatible with festivals are things only this summer can truly test, but there’s been enough thought put into this to make it worth a look. For precisely £0.00, what have you got to lose?

Festival Ready is available for Free Download now from the iTunes Apple Store and Android via Google Play.


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