UK set for a sunny festival start in May?

Scorching start to the festival season forecasted

Photographer:John Bownas

Chris Swindells - 10 April 2013

Festival-goers should be looking forward to the start of the summer season as Vantage Weather Solutions predict May will witness a change in our weather fortunes.

The website predicts temperatures could climb to 25°C across some parts of the UK, including southern England and Wales, and suggest the chances are that it will "be warmer than usual in south east England", during May.

"In the best spells of dry and sunny weather, most likely across southern England and Wales, the mercury will reach the 20-25°C.

"Overall the month will be close to average for temperatures, though chances are high for it to be warmer than usual in south-east England; rainfall may approach normal values across the north and west, but it will be drier than usual elsewhere."

May is set to start the festival season in earnest with as Bearded Theory, The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Dot To Dot and Slam Dunk all lined up through the month.

Leon Brown, meteorologist at the Weather Channel, said the word "heatwave" might be a little hopeful, but that May temperatures will be higher.

Speaking to AOL Travel, he said: "20°C wouldn't be classified as a heatwave in May, and is very common. The record for May stands at 32.8°C. If temperatures reach the mid-20s for a few days we may describe it as a heatwave.

"We can look forward to a few days of T-shirt weather in May with temperatures in the low 20s, but sea breezes around coasts will keep temperatures a lot lower since sea temperatures are below average and will take a while to recover as we go through the spring."


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