Fleetwood Mac: 'We'd like to play Glastonbury 2014'

Band turn down 2013 date

Fleetwood Mac: 'We'd like to play Glastonbury 2014'

Chris Swindells - 29 January 2013

Talking to BBC Radio 2's Jo Whiley, the 65-year-old drummer and founding member of Fleetwood Mac, said: "We were asked to do Glastonbury. In fact my sister Sally, my eldest sister - one of her best friends lives right on the property line of the family that runs [the festival], it's their land, and they asked my sister to get hold of me, and I got hold of them. They said, 'We want you to headline the festival this year.' We're not doing it.

"It was great to be asked, then we found out if we do that we won't get to play at all of the other places, because people migrate to one place.

"And therefore our visitation to other countries was going to be affected by what was this fantastic, one off show.

"So we decided it wasn't, this year, a good idea to do that because we wanna feel like we've gone to a lot of places. That's why we didn't, but we were greatly honoured to be asked to headline that show, and I hope that we do.

"Next year we have said that we'd really like to do it if they still want us. They might want someone else.. 'Nah, you snooze you lose!'"

Fleetwood also said he started the rumours himself: "That was a true rumour that I started. My sister phoned me up and said, 'Will you phone these people up?' which were the real people. But the cut off point [to say yes] was a few months back."

Last week new Fleetwood Mac tour dates put an end to rumours the band would headline the 2013 edition of
Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts this June. Glastonbury Festival takes place on Worthy Farm, Somerset from June 26-30 in 2013.

Yesterday the festival confirmed tickets returned after the April balance payment period will go back on sale on April 21st.


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