Creamfields confirm refund plans

Festival reveals more details over cancellation

Creamfields confirm refund plans

Photographer:Claire Elshaw

Chris Swindells - 03 September 2012

The dance festival, which was scheduled to take place from 24-26 August, suffered after a large amount of rainfall on the Saturday night followed a successful first day of live music on the site in Daresbury, Cheshire. The following morning (August 26) the organisers warned ticket holders and artists based off-site to avoid arriving on site as heavy rainfall had left parts unsafe. Consulting with local police and emergency services, a decision was then made on the Sunday to cancel the event.

Creamfields made this statement on refunds through their website: "Firstly we’d like to apologise for the delay in getting these details to you, we do understand your frustration however, there are several parties involved and it’s taken a little longer than anticipated to pull all this information together, rest assured this has been a top priority for us.   As promised a refund will be issued on all Sunday Day Tickets and part refund issued on all camping tickets scanned on entry for all those who have purchased through one of our official ticket agents (either online or by telephone)."

The refunds policy is as follows:

Ticket Type                          Original price paid      Refund Amount
Earlybird 2 day Camping       100.00                      50.00
Earlybird 3 day Camping       120.00                      50.00
Standard 2 Day Camping       115.00                     57.50
Standard 3 Day Camping       135.00                     57.50
Standard 2 Day Camping       125.00                     62.50
Standard 3 Day Camping       145.00                     62.50
Standard 2 Day Camping       135.00                     67.50
Hospitality 2 day Camping     220.00                     110.00
Hospitality 3 day Camping     250.00                     110.00
2 day non Camping               115.00                     57.50
2 day non Camping               125.00                     62.50
Sunday Standard                  60.00                       60.00
Sunday Standard                  65.00                       65.00
Sunday Hospitality                110.00                     110.00

For people who purchased with a debit or credit card their refund will automatically be returned to the same card the transaction came from in the next 28 days. Customers are requested to keep hold of their proof of purchase until you have received your refund.

In response to questions about the cancellation and circumstances that led to that decision the festival also made this statement: "To answer some of your questions here are the circumstances that led towards the cancellation of Sunday’s event, we hope that you can see that this decision required extensive assessment of the overall event site whilst at the same time implementing an evacuation plan. Once again the safety and welfare of all those on the campsites was paramount and we are sorry that it took some time before information was relased to those, but this was necessary so a controlled exit from the festival could be put in place. If these systems had not been implemented it was highly probable that a very large number of people would attempt to exit the site before a revised transport plan could be put in place.

Once it became clear that we had a potential show stop we announced that day ticket holders should not travel to Daresbury as this would compound an already dangerous situation.

We also informed artists who were due to play that day not to travel and wait for  further instructions, but unfortunately some of those took to social networks to say the event was cancelled. This caused confusion and contributed to an already stressful situation to our customers, for this we are very sorry.

There were provisions in place to deal with issues caused by severe weather however, with the unprecedented amount of rain that fell it just wasn’t enough to prevent severe damage to various big infrastructures on site.

We are also desperately sorry that we had to abandon the event, but below you will see how that decision came about and hopefully you will understand the difficult decision we had to make. This whole experience will provide us with valuable lessons for the future and we hope that what happened has not diminished your love for Creamfields too much. It was regrettable, but we believe that serious injury was avoided by closing the event."

Virtual Festivals was on site over the weekend - read our review of the Creamfields opening day here.

The festival also posted images on their official website of some of the water damage to the site - one can be seen below.


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