Mark Lanegan Band - Reading Festival 2012

'Foo Fighters aren't this weekend's only link with Nirvana'

Photographer:Al De Perez

Kai Jones - 28 August 2012

Foo Fighters aren’t this weekend’s only link with Nirvana’s legendary Reading performance twenty years ago today. That day, on a packed bill curated by Nirvana themselves (which included Nick Cave, Mudhoney, Beastie Boys and Melvins), featured a sublime early afternoon set by Ellensburg, Washington’s Screaming Trees.

Twenty years later ex-Screaming Trees singer Mark Lanegan is back at Reading, this time a mid afternoon on the NME stage. The impressive flowing locks may have been shorn long ago, but Lanegan’s voice is thankfully as dusty and souful as ever.

The gothic country is perfect Sunday respite for flagging souls. Lanegan’s songs are dark midnight howls that grind along like lost wagons rolling down dirt tracks. Like an hour in a gothic church built with gospel, soul and desert-blues; Lanegan delivering the rapturing sermon, with a gracious, crow-black rendition ‘Tiny Grain of Truth’ - the perfect hymn.

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