David Guetta - Creamfields 2012 review

'He's clearly extremely happy to be back at Creamfields'

David Guetta - Creamfields 2012 review

Photographer:Claire Elshaw

Virtual Festivals - 26 August 2012

French DJ extraordinaire David Guetta is clearly extremely happy to be back at Creamfields. His face lights up as he climbs the complicated rigging of his stage set, and his infectious smile is mirrored by the expectant punters. From the outset it's clear this is going to be a spectacular feast for the eyes.
He opens proceedings with ‘Titanium’ and with it starts the pyrotechnics.  Whilst the master of ceremonies twiddles the buttons onstage, weaving his well known singles with a masterfully crafted DJ set, the glittering stage show has cannons exploding, fireworks and with a loud blast it’s raining confetti. Well, it makes a sweet change from just raining.

‘Sweat’ drips through the speakers and warms the crowd up. As they sing, shout and dance along, glowing red fingers of flame shoot upwards from the stage and tickle the skyline. The warm red glow continues as the romantic Frenchman writes a love letter to his audience, scrawling ‘I love you’ on a piece of paper. He flashes this down the lens of the onstage camera, which projects it onto the big screen and the masses love him right back.
Mr. Guetta is so happy and bouncy and smiley throughout he’s practically a kids TV presenter. It wouldn’t seem out of place if the next song were to be about shapes and colours. But what he’s really giving is a lesson in showmanship. The set is an event. There is only one real niggle. In a warm, beautifully sunny location you could imagine this would be the perfect performance. But is a wet field in Warrington, it feels just a little out of place.

-- by Claire Elshaw and Mike Laybourne


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