Dry The River - Beach Break Live 2012 review

'What better way to celebrate?'

Photographer:Al De Perez

Chris Eustace - 18 June 2012

With much better weather today at Beach Break, what better way to celebrate than with a band called Dry the River? After a dramatic, dynamic  'No Rest', even the band themselves jokingly take the credit for the improved conditions.

It's been a big year so far for them, following relentless touring and the release of debut album 'Shallow Bed' two months ago, and the howls of recognition for 'New Ceremony' and 'Weights And Measures' suggests it's all been worth it.

Bassist Scott pleads with those watching to buy the album "so we can buy Ferraris and suits and get haircuts." It's debatable whether the world is ready for yuppie-folk, especially when DTR's rockier hybrid is this engaging, with 'Bible Belt' and set closer 'Lion's Den' catapulting from delicate to epic in the blink of an eye.

There's just time to recount a faux pas from SXSW when Scott failed to realise he was talking to Ben Howard until someone asked for a picture, and then they're gone, maybe to go dream of fast Italian cars.




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