Ben Howard - Beach Break Live 2012 review

'One of the performances of the weekend'

Photographer: Sara BowreyChris Eustace on 18 June 2012

Being a surfer himself, you'd presume Beach Break Live would be right up Ben Howard's street. Despite the singer-songwriter's unassuming persona, he does indeed seem right at home on the Main Stage, and he and his band are given a proper welcome, with punters streaming in for his set.

They're rewarded with the tender, tranquil lilt of 'Only Love', while Howard proves his folky, guitar-picking numbers can also have some bite, as 'The Fear' descends into a rattling jam.

Unfortunately the set is cut slightly short, Howard briefly breaking cover to declare it all "a bit of a fuckaround", and apologising, not just for the premature finish, but for the fact that the final song won't be his recent cover of 'Call Me Maybe'.

It's likely that most of those in in attendance will prefer his choice to end with an appropriately howling version of 'The Wolves' instead. Truncated set or not, it's still one of the performances of the weekend.

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