Biffy Clyro - Rockness 2012 review

'A masterclass in how to be a headliner'

Biffy Clyro - Rockness 2012 review

Photographer:Trevor Eales

Claire Elshaw - 11 June 2012

“Three days and you’re still up for it, that’s hardcore”, Biffy Clyro's frontman  Simon Neill thanks the Rockness audience for their warm welcome. And pretty much sums up the atmosphere. It’s been raining during the afternoon, and after a long weekend of great acts there is a slight weariness in the faces of the crowd. But that fatigue is shifted as soon as BIffy take to the stage.

They open with ‘Mountains’ accompanied by amazing lighting effects and jets of blue flame. And the massive main stage crowd lap it up.  There are people as far as the eye can see chanting along.

The blue flame jets are followed by blasts of steam in a visually stunning display. But it’s not technical tricks that form the backbone of the performance, it’s the vast back catalogue of songs from the Scottish rockers. The menu they serve up features such delights ‘Toys, Toys, Toys’, ‘God and Satan’ and a new one entitled 'The Joke’s On Us'.

The crowning centrepiece of the banquet is ‘Many of Horrors’ where the audience sing the first chorus entirely on their own, and man it's loud!

But the feast isn’t over yet. They storm on and finish up with a welcome version of ‘The Captain’. And just as the final chord is struck the closing fireworks burst into life.

As closing sets go they did themselves proud. Biffy put the Rock into Rockness, and gave the crowd a masterclass in how to be a headliner. And the negatives? Well there’s only one really, Simon’s shirt remained firmly on, despite audience requests for a bit more flesh. But hey, it was cold.

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