Refused - Download 2012 review

'One of the finest shows of the weekend'

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Gavin McInally - 10 June 2012

Swedish hardcore stalwarts Refused arrive on stage with little fanfare and even less fuss as they stick to their punk ethos and don't even bother with lighting or a flashy backdrop.

But the cliche, substance over style, has never been truer than tonight on the second stage as they set about punching holes in the media friendly mistress  Download has morphed into in the past decade.

Available courtesy of a cancelled Sonisphere, Refused launch into 'Worms of the Senses / Faculties of the Skull' and 'Refused Party Programme' like they never left the touring circuit.

The mix of curious bystanders and dedicated followers who are blessing their lucky stars that they are witnessing the show quickly blend into a chaotic mix of flailing limbs as the set list continues to build momentum.

By the time cult anthem 'New Noise' is belted out, no one in front of the T barrier is safe and total carnage closes what is one of the finest shows of the weekend.


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