Lamb of God - Download 2012 review

'Not for the faint-hearted'

Photographer:Sara Bowrey

Ali Ryland - 10 June 2012

Now here's a band who know how to groove down - to bloody heavy metal. As do the fans it seems; a circle pit is threatening barely before the first chord of 'Desolation' is strummed into the air.

Not for the faint-hearted, the bludgeoning, sludgey metal mixed with the thrashin' hard vocals of Randy Blythe is no disappointment as 'Ghostwalker' and favourite 'Walk With Me in Hell' are battered out in quick succession, while 'Set To Fail' does exactly the opposite.

“I want them to hear this across the English channel!” growls Blythe, before his throaty voice of doom begins the chorus to 'Now You've Got Something to Die For'.

What stands out about this particular band is, unlike many of the others playing this weekend, they refuse to flog any horse but a live one; that is to say, new album material is nodded to before torn aside for favourites that better add to the bone-crushing atmosphere in the heat of a (finally) sunny day.

'Redneck' of course leaves no prisoners, a terrifically and terrifyingly large pit opened up for all and sundry to get in. Heavy fucking metal.


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