Django Django - Field Day 2012 review

'This is Django Django's summer'

Photographer:Peter Corkhill

Kyriaki Karadelis - 02 June 2012

It's a stampede. London's hippest have crawled out of bed before mid-afternoon with one clear motive: to see band of the moment Django Django storm Field Day. 

The massive green and yellow tent they're playing in is packed to the rafters with brightly-clad festival-goers, and spilling into the sun-soaked park outside. Ten minutes ago it was dull and overcast, but as the purveyors of angular African-inspired electro take to the stage in matching red and white spotted T-shirts, the clouds are seen away.

Their set revolves around madly-wielded percussion including a tambourine so big it could be a hula hoop. Scraping wood, beating drums and tapping at a glockenspiel, the band is flanked by flashing white lights that add a frantic energy.

Single 'Default' comes in the middle of the set, but draws a huge cheer as arms fly in the air. Elsewhere, 'Waveforms' and 'WOR' incite raucous dancing - as far as possible, given the squeeze from the sheer number of people watching.

Mid-set, as though conducting an orchestra, drummer and producer David Maclean shakes a pair of drumsticks to keep the thousands of people dancing in time to the beat, a human metronome. At one moment a pair of women's knickers fly through the air, the next it all ends with the guitarist holding his instrument over his head in victory.

If the sheer number of people who turned out to see them today is anything to go by, this is Django Django's summer.

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