Tall Ships - The Great Escape 2012 review

'Setting sail for bigger and better in 2012'

Tall Ships - The Great Escape 2012 review

Photographer:David Howarth

Chris Swindells - 13 May 2012

From the first note of opener 'T=0' it's clear that Tall Ships have taken their game to a new level. The opening build up and dramatic finale of the single, to feature on their forthcoming full length, the sign of a band evolving and challenging the math-rock conventions, if ever the genre had some to keep to.

'Chemistry' is a warmly received revisit to their debut EP and holds true to the early, innocent vision of the song, steeped in the blueprint of a band not afraid to mix off-beat time signatures with pop-rock riffs. Originally a product of Falmouth, Cornwall the band have since relocated to Brighton and a strong local fan base keeps everything warm and hospitable inside The Hope, even when sound problems trouble the first half of the set.

New song 'Oscar' holds an innate charm and simplistic swagger. Their tendency to write in grand imagery and metaphor perhaps semi-retired, this is a love song, which like 'T=0' packs a true and virtuous lyrical clout.

It's these well hidden, small and intimate shows that make the Great Escape so electric. The queue outside shows just how Tall Ships have made waves in the past year, let's hope they set sail for bigger and better in 2012.

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