The Cribs - Camden Crawl 2012 review

'The best set of the weekend ended up being saved for near last.'

The Cribs - Camden Crawl 2012 review

Photographer:Sam Brill

Chris Eustace - 07 May 2012

“We’re these moshers from Wakefield, just a bunch of weirdos.” The Cribs might not need an introduction, but their own one summed things up nicely anyway. They’ve always attempted to keep themselves separate from their indie contemporaries, and as they chose Koko on the final night of Camden Crawl 2012 as the first stop on their tour to promote new album ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’, it was clear they were aiming to reassert their outsider status.
What will please them most though is the audience reaction to the new songs, with an opening ‘Chi-Town’ and ‘Come On, Be A No-One’ getting as enthusiastic a reception as anything in  their opening salvo, and when that also includes ‘I’m a Realist’, ‘Cheat On Me’, ‘Hey Scenesters’ and ‘Mirror Kissers’, you know they’ve gone down well, Ryan Jarman even noting that tonight might be “my first good night in Camden since 2005.”
Without taking anything away from a musical legend like Johnny Marr, it seems that his departure from The Cribs has allowed the Jarmans to, well, just be the Jarmans again. Not that the brothers (augmented by Nine Black Alps’ David Jones on extra guitar duties for live shows) are looking to rehash past glories - further new material aired tonight, such as a wiry ‘Glitters Like Gold’ suggests the new album will contain some of the band’s most challenging, and also best, work to date.
It’s clear to see that confidence is high in the camp, from the way Ross stands up to pound the drums, or the way that Ryan covers up a technical hitch with David’s amp by simply launching into ‘Hello? Oh…’ until the problem is fixed, or being mock-offended by a positive album review that made fun of his hairstyle – “It’s the best haircut in indie rock right now!”, he exclaims.
They sprint towards the finish line with ‘Another Number’, before a giant Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth is projected onto a screen at the back of the stage to narrate a raucous ‘Be Safe’, giving way to renewed pogoing and pint-throwing for ‘Men’s Needs’ and ‘We Were Aborted’. Finishing on a brutal ‘City Of Bugs’, both band and crowd seem delighted.
The Cribs got their wish tonight when it comes to setting themselves apart from other bands – the best set of the weekend ended up being saved for near last. Uncompromising, celebratory and vital, we need them to keep this fiery form up. 
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