Spector - Camden Crawl 2012 review

'One of the highlights of the weekend'

Photographer:Siobhan Boyle

Chris Eustace - 07 May 2012

"Hi, we're Glasvegas!" is Fred Macpherson's opening gambit. The Spector singer obviously has a thing for them: later a roadie will run out and ask him to take back his joke that James Allan and co. had pulled out. "We'll be covering their songs instead. I'll be reading the lyrics from the CD booklet." he had quipped, with a few people rather worringly taking him seriously. Fred is definitely good for a quote, and he's in his element here before a big Koko crowd, but it's not to cover for a lack of singles.

With the band on a mission to uncover what the follow-up to 'Hot Fuss' would've sounded like if Brandon hadn't discovered his inner Springsteen, they start confidently with an effervescent 'What You Wanted', with 'Friday Night' keeping the pogoing going. Fred is off again, wondering if this will be "the first Camden Crawl I've had a good time at" before a reflective (yes, they can do that too) 'Grey Shirt & Tie'.
Unless the 'Vegas manage to catch up with him backstage, it'll surely be his best yet, as they get a slightly unlikely circle pit going for their two big indie disco movers 'Celestine' and 'Chevy Thunder', with the latter played on the condition no-one present ever mentioned Fred tripping over whilst trying (and failing) to catch the towel he'd thrown into the air again - sorry Fred.
Add to all this a communal 'Never Fade Away', plus Macpherson handing a can of beer to a fan and having the spotlight turned on the band's manager, who was watching from the balcony, and you have a fun, memorable show, and one of the highlights  of the weekend.

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