Kids in Glass Houses - Camden Crawl 2012 review

'KIGH will have better days than this'

Photographer:Matthew Turner

Chris Eustace - 07 May 2012

The Welsh emo-popsters are more than familiar with how this festival gig thing works, and they jump out to grab a big crowd with the anthemic 'Sunshine', before singer Aled Phillips is standing on the monitors for a rousing 'The Best Is Yet To Come'. Easy then, right? Well, not quite. This matinee crowd are not playing ball. At all. Phillips tries every trick in the book to get them going, but eventually becomes exasperated with his static audience, asking "does anyone here know our band?" and sarcastically chiding "you have our permission to move" before an actually rollicking version of 'Animals'.

Whether it's because their overuse of the "epic" button means a couple of songs go dangerously close to Bon Jovi territory (not helped by Phillips' Bryan Adams reference before 'Matters At All') or that they've unluckily fallen between stools, coming on after the heavier Rolo Tomassi and before a largely indie-centric evening line-up, you begin to root for them. Phillips wades into the crowd to join the bona fide fans and the band laugh when the singalong parts of 'Give Me What I Want' and 'Saturday' are met with stony silence. They'll have better days than this, but their better songs still shone through.

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