Example: 'It's no surprise the UK festival circuit is struggling'

Festival regular speaks out about Sonisphere cancellation

Photographer:Tim Cheesman

Chris Swindells - 03 April 2012

Example, in conversation with BBC Newsbeat, said the UK festival industry will continue to struggle in the wake of the recent cancellation of this year's Sonisphere Festival.

The rapper, who played more then two dozen festivals in 2011, also said that a lot of events are going under because they are badly organised.

He told BBC Newsbeat: "A lot were promoted badly, had bad security, were in bad locations or the line-ups hadn't been programmed well, so they didn't make sense."

The 29-year-old rapper, born Elliot John Gleave added: "There was a boom a few years ago. Every second person wherever you went was starting a festival in the UK and anyone whose dad owned a farm. So obviously a lot of them are starting to go under."

Some of them had a great theme, a great location and great line-up and the people running them knew what they were doing. And there were other ones which seemed to me were really amateur."

"The main ones will still be there," he said. "Reading and Leeds struggled last year. I think maybe that's because guitar music's not as big as electronic music at the moment.

"But festivals, to survive, just really need to think about their theme, who their market is and book the suitable acts to sell it out.

"There's still a demand for people to go to festivals even with the economy and the state that it's in."

Example will play, amongst other festivals this summer: Creamfields 2012, V Festival 2012, T in the Park 2012, Wireless Festival 2012, Live At Leeds 2012, Eden Sessions 2012 and the Isle of Wight Festival 2012.


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