Complaints over noise from Hyde Park concerts

Wireless, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen shows under threat?

Daniel Fahey - 16 February 2012

Westminster Council are expected to approve new restriction this Friday which will cut the number of concerts from 13 to six, reduce crowds by 30,000 down to 50,000 and lower noise levels from 75 to 73 decibels, reports the Evening Standard.

The move comes after the council received 109 complaints in 2011, double the number made in 2010.

Mike Dunn, vice-chairman of the Mayfair Residents Group, told the newspaper: "It's pretty bad. There are two issues for us - the number of concerts and noise they're allowed to make. If you sit here with the windows open on a hot day, you can hear every word."

In response, John Probyn of Live Nation said: “The sound levels allowed in Hyde Park are already lower than any other venue in the country. If they reduce it any more then artists simply will not want to play the venue.”

London Mayor, Boris Johnson also added: "I want to see Madonna in Hyde Park and so does everybody else, I hope a good solution will be reached this week."

Dance acts like Fatboy Slim and The Chemical Brothers, who have both played in recent years, are said to have played a part in the rise of complaints. A council report reads: “It is felt that the continuous and repetitive nature of this music has meant it is unsuitable for this location.”

Wireless Festival 2012 will be headlined by Rihanna and Drake and run from 6-8 July, while Madonna is due to play the London park on 11 July and Bruce Springsteen is set to perform on 14 July.

Let us know what you think. Are Hyde Park shows too loud?

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