T in the Park 2004

10 July 2004 - 11 July 2004

Hope Of The States' two-finger tirade at T

13 July 2004
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The States' frontman Sam Herhily took matters into his own hands by playing a couple of acoustic songs for fans, after the band were kicked off stage by security at T In The Park on Sunday night.

Having started their X Tent performance 15 minutes late, Hope Of The States were not best pleased when festival officials invaded the stage midway through their set and told them to wind it up.

After being instructed to stop playing, Herhily announced angrily to the audience, "They're pulling us, so this will be our last song", before raising both hands, flicking the vics, and reassuring the crowd, "This isn't for you, it's for whoever's in charge."

The band finished their performance with a rousing version of 'Enemies/Friends' but clearly hadn't had enough. After telling fans outside the tent to wait where they were, Herhily rushed back to his tent, grabbed an acoustic guitar, and returned with band mate Michael Siddell, who came armed with his violin.

Fiona McKinlay, music editor of Qmunicate, told Drowned In Sound: "The pair managed to play for a couple of minutes before security figured out what was happening and promptly told them to stop.

"They kept playing while walking away from the security guards, further round the fence, with fans following eagerly on the other side.

"They finished their song and signed a few autographs before heading off, having made themselves the 'where were you?' highlight of the festival."

Perhaps wanting to make up for being cut short at T In The Park, Hope Of The States have today announced a 11-date tour of the UK during October to help promote their next single 'Nehemiah'.


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