Isle of Wight Festival aim for the 'American trilogy'

John Giddings reveals headliner plans exclusively to Virtual Festivals


United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris Swindells | 23 November 2011

Isle of Wight Festival organiser, John Giddings, today spoke to Virtual Festivals about his plans for the festival next year.

After confirming Bruce 'The Boss' Springsteen & the Street Band as the first Isle of Wight headliner this week, the organiser was not giving clues when it came to the other two headliners.

Earlier this week he denied Madonna would be playing and told Virtual Festivals: "we're aiming for the American trilogy.

"I've got offers out there, it could go either way. I'd be stunned if all three confirm," he added.

Talking about Springsteen, the organiser revealed he'd been after the US singer for some time: "He's been a target for about seven years, ever since we've been able to afford him, but what you have to do is keep changing and keep involving"

Giddings also revealed a number of changes for the site. He said: "This year I'm probably going to become more rock based and make the Big Top more urban and dance, then make the Garden Stage grow up and become more indie. You expand the site, we're putting the posh camping over the other side of the road and a new screen because every night there's a quarter final in the Euro 2012 so whole thing is to make the audience's experience better."

Talking about the tenth anniversary event this year, the organiser said: "It was incredible, it was the first time we had rain as well so it was certainly an anniversary. We had three of the best headliners in the world, I thought Pulp were incredible and Dave Grohl just goes on and on doesn't he?"

Responding to questions about the license increase to 90,000 capacity, Giddings said: "We're not going to sell that many, that's to include staff and guests. I don't want to put that many people in there. This year what I'm doing is making more space for people by taking concessions out the middle, and opening up the pinch points from the arena to the arboretum, so I'm just trying to make it a better space for everyone to enjoy themselves in."

Talking about other changes to the event in 2012 he added: "The Garden Stage is going to be a bigger arena, so you'll see the Garden Stage will have more high profile acts on it. The Big Top will become more dance-ier because everyone wants alternatives. You've got to appeal to 15-50 year olds, you can't just put a whole lot of rock bands on in a field. If I get the three headliners I want which are all American rock bands then I have to appeal to younger people as well."

The organiser confirmed the Thursday 'night for campers' will return but the 'girls night' under the Big Top, traditionally on the Friday, will not be a consideration for this year's event.

Revealing more details about the plans for the Isle of Wight Festival 2012, he said: "We've got an eco playground where you can go and cycle and seesaw, and it's going to drive the power for the silent disco. The beach which was really successful is going to be three times the size it was last year."
Another Isle of Wight Festival line up announcement is expected before Christmas, stay tuned to Virtual Festivals across Twitter and Facebook for all the latest news and rumours for the Isle of Wight Festival 2012.  

Watch below our interview with John Giddings backstage at the Live UK Awards 2011 last month. 



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