Secret Garden Party 2012 theme revealed

It's time for 'Standing On Ceremony', tickets selling fast

Secret Garden Party 2012 theme revealed

Photographer:Joel Knight

Daniel Fahey - 09 November 2011

A statement explaining the idea reads as follows:

“Like never before, we are aware of our unique position as a social animal. The carnival of the Olympics, the phenomena of the 2012 prophecies, the arrival of the seven billionth human, the dawn of the urban age: ours is a human world . Yet these ‘mass collective moments’ hint at a richer history, a more varied landscape of ceremonial occasions that have bound men together across the ages, that have reinforced and reinvented that most remarkable of our achievements: society.

“This year, as The Garden celebrates her 10th Birthday, we explore those ceremonies, rituals, initiations, anniversaries and carnivals that bind us together, that emphasise matter over mind, that emphasise our true gifts as humans: social existence.

“So get your thinking caps on. Dream your own anniversaries, your own ceremonies, your own initiations. Don’t be a spectator, don’t be part of a passive congregation. Create gatherings and parties that breakdown the walls of inhibition, shyness, the other, the stranger. We are already naked, so use your freedom to unite with your fellow Gardener. 2012 is not the end of it all – it is merely a rallying call to unite, to come together, to reinforce the ties that bind.

“In 2011, installation artists witnessed more festivalgoers than ever before spending more time on, around or in their artworks, and every nook and cranny of the festival site was exploding with art installations, spectacular performance and absurd happenings. There were over 50 art installations, over 30 participatory action camps, and countless performances, all woven between the 17 arenas & stages showcasing over 350 bands across 4 days. 2012 promises to do even better."

Secret Garden Party 2012 tickets are now being sold on a tiered system.

A set number of tickets will be sold in each tier, gradually increasing in price. Organisers say this approach, which operates at other events such as Burning Man, enables them to limit an increase in capacity.

Tier one and Tier two have already sold out.

Secret Garden Party 2012 ticket prices:
Adult Tier 1 Tickets: £137.50 (£146 with booking fee) SOLD OUT
Adult Tier 2 Tickets: £155.00 (£160 with booking fee) SOLD OUT
Adult Tier 3 Tickets: £165.00 (£170 with booking fee) On Sale Now
Adult Tier 4 Tickets: £185.00 (£190 with booking fee)
Adult Tier 5 Tickets: £195.00 (£200 with booking fee)
Teen Ticket (13 – 17 years): £130 (£135 with booking fee)
Campervan: £60 (£63.50 with booking fee)
Under 12’s: £0
Family Camping Pass: £20.00

Click to buy Secret Garden Party tickets.

There is also a deposit scheme in operation. This allows a reserved ticket for a deposit of £50 with the balance to be paid by 13 June.


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