Beardyman - Freeze Festival 2011 review

'Beardyman is much more than an outstanding beatbox performer'


Photographer:Sara Bowrey

United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Matt Cook | 29 October 2011

You can't go to a Beardyman (9/10) gig these days and just expect an outstanding beatboxing performance. If you do you'll be disappointed. It's much more than that. 

The basslines that he lines up to compliment the vocal phrases and drum loops he creates with just his mouth and a sampler are pretty dirty.  

That gives the show the sort of hard edge that's missing from so many Main Stage acts these days, and they're all blended with excerpts from classic tracks from the past, which makes for a very entertaining show.

Beardyman goes through every genre making vocal loops. Hip hop tracks from the likes of ODB and Pharoah Monche, then works in dubstep and drum and bass rhythms to produce his own mash ups of recognisable classics like 'Blue Monday' and 'The Wall'. 

"I couldn't not do Pink Floyd at Battersea Power Station. If anyone gets that one? Pigs might fly." He says after an epic re-imagining of 'The Wall'.

Beardyman's sets should now be recognised as being trully unique performances rather than Main Stage filler.

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