Get Organised: Stuart Galbraith, Sonisphere

'Taking it wider than rock or metal is our ambition for next year'


United Kingdom United Kingdom | by Chris Swindells | 11 October 2011

Speaking about the awards his festivals has began to receive this year Stuart said: "We're over the moon at Sonisphere coming number five in Virtual Festivals top ten. We're only three years old so to achieve that so quickly we're very, very happy."

With the abscence of Glastonbury Festival in 2012 the organiser said, "Glastonbury will come back in 2013 and will be as strong as ever."

Talking about the feeling in the office for next year, Stuart Galbraith said: "What's exciting us is the ability to take what is a successful brand after three years and make it as wide as we can, so the introduction of comedy has certainly been a major talking point in the office and to put bands like Weezer, Mars Volta and even Biffy Clyro and take it wider than even rock or metal I think is our ambition for next year."

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