Rumour Mill: Portishead back On The Road

Summer in Europe, autumn in the US, it's UK time surely?

Daniel Fahey - 27 September 2011

After spending a summer probably hiding from the heat of Europe’s finest festivals and wowing the likes of our very own Jon Wright in Slovakia with a set that reminded him “what a truly legendary live band they can be,” the Bristol group are set to tackle America.

One third of the ‘head, Adrian Utley, told the band’s own website: “We’ve always thought that we must come back to tour in the States, something we wanted to do with the release of ‘Third’, but our schedule just wouldn’t allow it.

“Being that we were asked to curate I’ll be your Mirror, this just seemed like a good start to touring the States – it set’s it off in absolutely the right way. We are absolutely delighted to come back.”

So with Europe done and the US ticked off, it must leave the summer free for a jaunt over here, surely?

Well, don’t throw your 'Dummy' out the pram if it doesn’t happen. They’ve confirmed that there’s a new album to start working on in January 2012 first, but the odd show after that can’t do any harm.

Where would you want to see them play?


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