VF's Top 10 breakthrough acts of 2011 - vote for yours!

Who was our favourite undiscovered talent of the summer?

VF's Top 10 breakthrough acts of 2011 - vote for yours!

Photographer:Shirlaine Forrest

Chris Eustace - 21 September 2011

You may only just be getting over the full horror of the long-drops, but with the UK Festival Awards lo oming, it’s time to focus on the better memories of this festival summer.

One lucky fan who votes in the Awards will win a pair of tickets to every winning festival in 2012, so just in case that last cider made things a little bit too hazy, we’ve had a look through our reviews to find who got the best verdicts. Maybe it’ll help you out with yours?

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With Best Headline Performance, Anthem Of The Summer, and The Fans’ Favourite Festival three of the other categories you can vote in, here’s who made the VF scribes take notice.

Festivals are a great way to seek out some new favourites, and whether you already had the album and ran down to finally catch the band, or stumbled upon a new discovery, here’s the best of the new bunch (including three of our Ones To Watch from January) with a four-way tie to start things off:

<a href='/artists/az/44700' title='Yuck'>Yuck</a> at Bestival 20117 = Yuck
Average Score: 8
Choice review: “An exemplary swagger.”

7 = Anna Calvi
Average Score: 8
Choice review: “Matriarchal and mysterious.”

<a href='/artists/az/25637' title='Ed Sheeran'>Ed Sheeran</a> at Camp Bestival 2011
7 = Ed Sheeran
Average Score : 8
Choice review: “Mesmerises with a slew of new material.”

7 = Dry the River
Average Score:  8
Choice review: “Folk-with-balls, it’s beautiful-hardcore-gone-soft.”

<a href='/artists/az/44604' title='The Milk'>The Milk</a> at Beach Break Live 2011
7 = The Milk
Average Score: 8
Choice review: “They might just prove they’ve the bottle it takes to shake up the industry.”

6. Dutch Uncles
Average Score: 8.25
Choice review: “Sharply crafted indie pop...much underrated.”

5. Bruno Mars
Average Score: 8.5
Choice review: “Fun, upbeat and hugely entertaining.”

<a href='/artists/az/14630' title='Aloe Blacc'>Aloe Blacc</a> @ The Big Chill 2011
4. Aloe Blacc
Average Score:  8.5
Choice review: “His naturally warm presence and persona are a hit from the word go.”

3. Warpaint
Average Score: 8.75
Choice review: “Effortlessly cool.”

2. Crystal Fighters
Average Score: 9
Choice review: “A storm of noise and limbs.”

And our best breakthrough band of the summer was...

1. Grouplove
Average Score: 9.5 
Choice review: “People jump to the tables and chairs to bathe in a show soaked with the innocence of a free love movement of sixties psychedelica.”

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